WATCH: Florida Sheriff Has a Message For All of You: ARM UP AND BE READY TO KILL ISIS! (VIDEO)

Muslims expect preferential treatment because they look on others as inferior infidels. That is the problem with them worldwide. Not to assimilate and appreciate the beautiful countries they are given refuge and freebies in, but converting and changing cultures or destroying democratic freedoms to make Islamic caliphate from the inside.

These people need to assimilate to American values. Just because Obama did doesn’t mean it was good for America it was not we kept our mouths shut for all that time now we are not we do not have to.

And one brave American sheriff just spoke and gave as the path on how to deal with radical Islam!

Nothing about Sheriff Wayne Ivey is politically correct. Unlike in Britain, the public in Florida is NOT being told to Run and Hide, then Call police in case of an Islamic vehicle jihad, knife or gun jihad.

This is war and you have to be ready to defend yourself and your loved ones, if not with a firearm, then with a laser gun, a knife, or anything else that can be used as a weapon against Muslim terrorists.

The sheriff’s message comes after the London terror attacks and a workplace shooting in Orlando that killed five people.

Ivey said while 911 responds to the situation, “it’s up to you and those with you to neutralize or eliminate the threat.”

I love that Sheriff Ivey & would love to see him as a Sheriff in NORTH FLORIDA. We need “Straight Talking” Law Enforcement Agents, who are NOT going to tell us to RUN & HIDE. SINCE Muslims are now entering all branches of our GOV, watch them advance into LE. That is One Scary Scenario!

Good to hear that there is at least one other person in this country (other than our good president) who has both brains and balls. It would be nice if more people spoke the truth.

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Michelle M.

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