Video: Pelosi’s Mumbling During Trump’s SOTU Speech Are Bizarre, Prompt Questions About Her Mental Health

President Trump went on the offensive against socialism and left-wing policies during a defiant third State of the Union address to Congress Tuesday night — drawing groans from Democrats in attendance and prompting a furious House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to rip up her copy of Trump’s speech as soon as it concluded in a stunning scene.

Pelosi mumbling and sneering smiles throughout President Trump’s powerful address were bad enough, but her decision to tear into shreds her copy of Trump’s speech and drop it like a dead fish was shameful beyond measure.

Throughout the evening, Pelosi was seen fidgeting, often pursing her lips or making faces, or shuffling through the pages of Trump’s SOTU speech — like a petulant child, she would rip it in half at the end.

This prompted a strong rebuke from George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, who was the sole Republican witness at the final House Judiciary hearing on impeachment.

“Pelosi’s act dishonored the institution and destroyed even the pretense of civility and decorum in the House. If this is the Speaker’s “drop the mike” moment, it is a disgrace that should never be celebrated or repeated. In a single act, she obliterated decades of tradition,” Turley tweeted.

All in all, there was concern on social media for Pelosi’s well being, given the bizarre behavior seen from her throughout the speech:

There was another interesting moment when Pelosi could not hide her shock when she looked down at her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address and realized he was about to call out her home state of California for its sanctuary laws protecting illegal aliens. Her eyes popped and her jaw dropped:

The president is on a winning streak, and he had every right to brag about his record in his third State of the Union address. The country has noticed, as he is reaching his highest approval ratings in the polls since he took office.

Truth be told, he couldn’t do it without Pelosi’s help (mental health). She has overplayed her hand time and again, and her insistence that Trump is an illegitimate president has presented Americans with a stark either-or-choice. They wisely rejected impeachment as too radical, which is something she initially said herself before succumbing to the mob mentality.

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Alex D.

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