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Video: Man Licking Products In A Supermarket After Asking ‘Who’s Scared Of Coronavirus – We Have His Identity

There are different public opinions on COVID 19 or Coronavirus. Some people are panicking and others are taking the necessary steps but are calm and observe the situation. Well, we have another type of people who are using the viral media nature of the virus to get media attention.

Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID19) is a legitimate health concern, and it is no cause for panic or irrational hysteria, but it’s not a type of stuff that people should use to get more attention too.

A video of a man has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons after he licked toiletry products in a supermarket. The man, believed to be from Missouri, US, can also be heard saying “who’s scared of coronavirus?” in the short clip.


The man was later identified as Cody Pfister by Antifa Public Watch APW that initially shared the video on Twitter. In the footage that has since been shared repeatedly on Twitter, he can be seen running his tongue on the toiletries on the shelf of the supermarket while looking at the camera. The caption tagged with the video says: “I’m a nasty moths f***er.”


He is now facing calls for his arrest after the footage was repeatedly shared on Twitter.

Video below:

His intentions are to spread a pandemic virus currently active globally.

When it comes to our future with COVID19….we are DOOMED WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS!

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Alex D.

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