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Banner At Restaurant In Communist China Says: “Congratulations On The Epidemic In The US! (Photo)

US President Donald Trump lashed out at China on Saturday, saying Beijing’s lack of transparency led to his administration’s late response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I wish China would have told us how bad the situation was before we had to read about it. Because they were having a big problem and they knew it,” Trump said at a news conference on Saturday at the White House.

“China was very secretive and that’s unfortunate,” Trump said.

Trump has pivoted this week to emphasize the outbreak’s start in China, repeatedly using the term “Chinese virus,” which has been criticized by the fake news media as fuelling racism against those of Chinese and East Asian descent.

But where is the mainstream media now?

Below we have a sign on a restaurant in China advertising how happy they are that coronavirus is in the US and Japan.
In fact, they want it there for a long time!
Photo below:

不是p 的!网友在沈阳市太原街一家店门前拍的。这种心态有多变态,悲哀的是,这在中国不是少数的存在

Netizens took pictures of this sign in front of a shop in Taiyuan Street, Shenyang.
How abnormal this mentality is, sadly, it is not a minority in China.

I think people need to be aware of this behavior in China.

The sign at the Chinese restaurant, Yang Yu porridge shop, reads:
“Congratulations to the United #疫情 States, I wish the small Japanese disease smooth sailing, long and long!”

Via Jennifer Zeng:

Banner at restaurant in CCP ruled China says: “Congratulations on the epidemic in the US! We wish the epidemic in dwarf Japan will last forever and ever!”
What do you think? I call it anti-humanity. Do these kinds of people have the right to protest again “racism”?

Chinese officials reacted angry on the latest remarks made by President Trump and our mainstream media and liberals joined forces with them.
Let’s wait and see if they report about the racist signs that are popping up in China.
It is wonderful the way these commies prove every day just how correct Senator McCarthy was, and still would be.
Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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