Video: Joe Biden Returns From Vacation With A Different Skin Color And He’s In Even Worse Physical Shape Than Before

President Joe Biden concludes an 11-day Christmas holiday in the U.S. Virgin Islands, marking the end of his vacation and signifying a return to his presidential responsibilities. Noteworthy was Biden’s departure without taking questions from the press, a departure from the norm, and his boarding of Air Force One using the shorter set of stairs.
Low-Key Vacation Amidst Criticisms

Accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, the President’s vacation in St. Croix was kept low-key. Activities included attending mass, taping a New Year’s Eve interview, and dining at a local seafood restaurant. However, his absence from the White House has drawn criticism from Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump, who suggested that the country would be better off if Biden’s policies were left in place while he vacationed.

And it was a very slow ascent up the short stairs that prompted speculations that his physical condition is the worst so far!

The funniest part about Biden and the short stairs is that the short stairs actually lead to… another — hidden — flight of stairs.

He also came back with a different skin color which reminds of native Americans!

Photos below:

Biden probably failed to take any precautions on vacation despite previously having skin cancer, which is caused by too much sun exposure. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration notes that premature aging is a long-term side effect of UV exposure.

Remember when the MSM was calling Trump an orange man?

Well, they had nothing to say about Biden’s color this time!

According to reports, Biden has spent 417 days or 39% of his presidency on vacation, with over a third of 2023 spent away from the White House. Despite the criticism, his vacation time in 2023 was actually down from 2022.

As the President resumes his official duties, his time away and the details of his travel, especially the use of the shorter stairs for boarding Air Force One, will continue to draw attention. However, it was his lack of interaction with the press as he concluded his holiday season that stood out this time.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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