Biden Unveils Surprising New Year’s Resolution Following Dinner in St. Croix… And It’s Shocking (Videos)

President Joe Biden visited a St. Croix church on Saturday – his first public siting since beginning his controversial Caribbean vacation three days earlier.

Photos show Biden surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents leaving Holy Cross Catholic Church in Christiansted, waving to onlookers and reporters without answering any questions after attending a 4 p.m. mass.

Biden landed in St. Croix on Wednesday where he is staying free of charge at the beachfront home of wealthy friends Bill and Connie Neville — a trip that comes as New York City and other major cities have become overrun by migrants coming across the southern border.

Joe Biden on Saturday emerged for the first time in days while on vacation in St. Croix.

He attended mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Christiansted on Saturday afternoon.


Biden waved to reporters outside of church but didn’t answer any questions.


The Bidens ate at Too.Chez, a local catch restaurant, in St. Croix.

He refused to answer questions a couple of times!
When he finally decided to speak Biden told reporters his New Year’s resolution: To be back in St. Croix next year.

Biden’s resolution isn’t to lower inflation, release American hostages, improve life for Americans – it’s to travel back to St. Croix next year!

Typical psychopath and narcissist.

House Republicans have blasted the trek as the country continues to battle an unprecedented border crisis, ripping the holiday jaunt as a “dereliction of duty.”

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