Video: House Speaker Mike Johnson Is the Star of the SOTU Address As His Facial Reactions Go Viral

Was this the State of the Union or the Democratic National Convention? President Joe Biden’s speech was marinated in division, rancor, and guff. He picked fights with congressional Republicans who mostly sat idle as this dementia-ridden head of state rattled off a vision of America that doesn’t exist. The address started with a January 6 lecture, where everyone knew this would devolved into an hour of insanity.

Suppose it sounded like a speech to the Democratic Party base. In that case, that’s because it was—these people see the polling: Biden is struggling with blacks, Hispanics, young voters, Muslim Americans, and labor unions. The labor union brass might like Biden, but the rank-and-file are decidedly unenthused.

The president still stumbled, slurred his words, and got lost at multiple points, but I’ll say this: if whatever cocktail his doctors injected into him to keep him half-awake is tweaked, Biden could maybe hold his own with Trump. Remember, all Joe must do is not short-circuit a la Mitch McConnell on live television.

All of this didn’t sit well with the House Speaker Mike Johnson!

Although we were mostly disgusted by the speech, we did manage to have a little fun watching House Speaker Mike Johnson’s facial reactions to the president’s bile. Unlike classless former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who ripped up then-President Donald Trump’s speech in 2020, Johnson didn’t disrupt the proceedings or do anything outlandish, but his subtle eye rolls and head shakes were hard to miss.

The internet noticed:

Mike Johnson shook his head and rolled his eyes throughout Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech.
I love this dubious look from the House Speaker as Biden prattled on:

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Mark Van der Veen

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4 months ago

<3 MJ

4 months ago

Lies from the beginning to the end of the resident’s vitriolic and shameful castigation of the truth. The left shouting four more years was not meant for the resident. They’re desperate to keep their illegitimate power; I believe that a Heavenly Rescue is in operation.