Joe Biden Just Lost A Primary Election To A Man Nobody Heard Of Until A Minute Ago (Screenshot)

President Biden lost the Democratic caucuses in American Samoa to Jason Palmer, a previously little known longshot challenger, the U.S. territory’s Democratic representatives announced Tuesday.

Why it matters: The results mark Biden’s first lost of the Democratic primary to Jason Palmer—who the hell is that—who got 51 votes over the president’s 40. Yeah, only 91 people voted over there:

Democrat Jason Palmer, a entrepreneur running a long-shot bid against the incumbent, was projected to win the U.S. territory’s Democratic race.

Palmer has reportedly qualified for the presidential ballot in just 16 states and territories, according to a release from the campaign through PRNewswire.

It’s odd, but Joe isn’t well-liked over there. He’s also not popular stateside either.

What Palmer said after the victory: “Honored to announce my victory in the American Samoa presidential primary,” Palmer said in posts to social media.

“Thank you to the incredible community for your support. This win is a testament to the power of our voices. Together, we can rebuild the American Dream and shape a brighter future for all.”

Between the lines: The campaign website of Palmer appeared to crash after his surprising victory on Tuesday.

Flashback: Biden lost the Democratic primary in American Samoa in 2020 to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — his only win of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Mark Van der Veen

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