Video: After The Rain – Joe Nemechek’s Trump 2020 Car At The DAYTONA 500 Is Ready And It Looks Wonderful

While NASCAR fans were left disappointed by the Daytona 500 and the rain that caused havoc and postponed the race until Monday, the entire event was already different thanks to President Donald Trump.

Due to Trump’s presence, security for The Great American Race was tighter than ever before. Trump is the second sitting president to attend the race and was named grand marshal at the event.

But Trump’s supporters will have one favorite at the race today.

Joe Nemechek, who drives part-time for Mike Harmon Racing, was among the competitors and turned heads with his vehicle. He was seen racing in a Chevrolet Camaro decked out with Trump/Pence 2020 decals.

And it seems his car is ready to go and it looks wonderfull.

“We are honored to support Mr. Nemechek and bring true American values back to America, bridging the gap between forgotten Americans to keep our duly elected President in office,” the PAC Board of Directors said in a statement. “Our hopes are that the silent majority comes together to support us in ‘Keeping America Great’.”

Thousands of NASCAR fans chanted “USA, USA” as Air Force One flew about 800 feet over the Daytona 500. “America the Beautiful” played over the public address system as the plane came in for a landing. What an entrance, Mr. President! Watch:

And from another angle:

It was very interesting when the beast entered the track:

Also, don’t forget to watch this brave patriot who’s gonna race in a pro-Trump car:

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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