Video: Dad Arrested In Front His 6-Year-Old Daughter At The Park For ‘Violating Social Distancing Order’ – The Police Forced To Issue An Apology

However you feel about social distancing measures, I think most of us can agree that in some places around the country things are going way too far. Not a good look at all…especially with no response given by the police when asked by reporters.

Man in Colorado was arrested while playing tee-ball with his 6-year-old daughter in the park for alleged violation of the social distancing order.

KDVR reports:

Matt Mooney feels Brighton police owe him a huge apology. The 33-year-old says he was handcuffed at Donelson Park in front of his 6-year-old daughter Sunday afternoon after police told him he violated the state’s social distancing guidelines.

Mooney told the FOX31 Problem Solvers he refused to provide his identification to three police officers because he was confident he wasn’t doing anything unlawful by playing tee-ball with his wife and daughter at the park.

“She’s like, ‘Daddy, I don’t want you to get arrested.’ At this point, I’m thinking, ‘There’s no way they’re going to arrest me, this is insane.’ I’m telling her, ‘Don’t worry, Daddy’s not going to get arrested. I’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t worry about it,’ and then they arrest me.”

Video below:

And just like that our Civil Liberties disappeared.
Maybe Child Protective Services will be next to take the little ones away from the parents not practicing ‘safe distancing’.
The sign at Donelson Park said “Closed” but in smaller print reads, “in groups of no more than 4 persons, parks remain open for walking, hiking, biking, running and similar activities.”

Mooney was just there with his wife and daughter. He said it was the officers who were violating social distancing guidelines.

“During the contact, none of the officers had masks on, none of them had gloves on, and they’re in my face handcuffing me, they’re touching me,” he said.

The Brighton Police Department apologized Tuesday to Matt who was handcuffed at a park on Sunday.

On Tuesday, acting Brighton City Manager Marv Falconburg called Mooney to try to arrange a meeting with BPD Cmdr. Frank Acosta to offer an apology on behalf of the police department.

“Falconburg conveyed an apology, however, Mr. Mooney has declined the offer for an in person meeting,” BPD said via email.

According to police, about 4:30 p.m. Sunday, officers were dispatched to the park because a citizen was concerned about a “large group of people.”

When officers arrived, there was a group of about 12-15 people who appeared to be playing softball at the park, according to police.

“Although the officers asked them to disperse due to the park being closed, which was incorrect, disbursement was needed due to the state’s public health order regarding group gathering. The Brighton Police Department is currently conducting an internal investigation into what led to officers detaining Mr. Mooney while responding to the complaint. While the investigation sorts through the different versions of what took place by witnesses who were at the park, it is evident there was an overreach by our police officers,” the police department said.

BPD said officers have to interpret several changing state public health orders and local closures, and there may have been a misunderstanding about the park closure.

“It is imperative that we improve communication with our front line first responders so they are up to date on the latest rules in place regarding COVID-19 for addressing public safety. This is an opportunity for us to come together and do better for the community. We are deeply sorry for the events that took place on Sunday and the impact on Mr. Mooney, his family, and the community,” BPD said.

But what about the child that saw his father getting arrested in a situation n which they clearly defy our constitution!

This is more than inappropriate. It is the quintessential example of false arrest. I hate the sue-happy society we live in, but suing this police department and these officers individually [if possible] would be absolutely appropriate.

Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that the mainstream media suppress.

Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Supreme Insider, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Right Journalism. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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10 months ago

Sue the cops broke.

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