Video: Antifa Rioter Tries To Throws A Gas Canister At The Feds – He Gets Hit By A Less-Lethal Round In The Face As The Mob Drawback

Federal authorities again used tear gas and other crowd-control munitions against protesters gathered outside of the federal courthouse in Portland on Saturday night.

Portland Police Bureau confirmed that federal authorities used CS gas twice and made arrests as people gathered outside of the federal courthouse near the Multnomah County Justice Center in downtown Portland, which has seen nightly demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter for six consecutive weeks.

The climax of Saturday night’s confrontation stuck around 2 a.m. (Sunday) when an Antifa rioter tried to throw a gas canister at the Feds.

They responded immediately and fired a less-lethal round that hit him in the face and he fell down to the ground. The angry mob drawback and took the wounded person with them.

Video below:

Before this incident the Portland downtown looked like a scene from a war movie:
Antifa rioters and people with shields try to move in closer to the entrance of the federal courthouse. They’re repelled by flashbangs and more. Rioters respond by throwing projectiles and glass bottles at police.

Video below:

Another video:

PPB said officers responded to a call for help from federal officers overwhelmed by crowd members “resisting arrest” and “throwing bottles” at them near SW Main Street and SW 3rd Avenue. As this was going on, police made announcements for people to leave the area.

PPB said officers monitored the crowd for an additional hour as they witnessed trash cans and dumpsters being lit on fire. No structures were threatened during the altercation, police confirmed.

Video below:

A woman claimed that she was hit by a rubber bullet in her eye.

Video below:

For those wondering why Portland has gone over 40 days of rioting and lawlessness just read this tweet. The Mayor has given up to the mob.

This is terrorism and it gotta stop!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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