Video: Unprecedented Crisis Unfolds at Eagle Pass as Thousands of Illegal Aliens Await Processing – Shocking Video Reveals The Disturbing Reality on the Border That is Ignored by The MSM

Joe Biden’s America.

A mass of thousands of illegal aliens waiting to be processed by Border Patrol at the Eagle Pass port of entry were spotted after they invaded Texas on Monday.

Journalists covering the border have expressed that they are overwhelmed by the current situation. This is the case of veteran Fox reporter Bill Melugin. In a video from Eagle Pass, in which thousands of immigrants are seen waiting in the open to be processed by the Border Patrol after crossing illegally we can see a disturbing reality at the border that is ignored by the mainstream media.
Video below:

Melugin said that in the hundreds of days he has spent on the border with Mexico, “I’ve never seen it like this.” In recent weeks, more than 18,000 immigrants have been received in Tucson (18,900 between Dec. 1 and 8, a record) and far exceeded 17,000 in Eagle Pass, according to CBP authorities in these sectors.

Because this administration is not doing its job we could run out of some supplies pretty soon!

The chaotic situation on the border continues to worsen. The number of immigrants trying to enter the country illegally through Mexico continues to break records, with thousands waiting in the open to be assisted by the Border Patrol. The situation led authorities to close train rail service in El Paso and Eagle Pass, Texas. The decision was criticized by Union Pacific, which warns of potential shortages of food and basic materials, as 45% of total rail traffic between the U.S. and Mexico passes through these crossings. The rail company urged their immediate reopening.

Daily impact of border closure

– Union Pacific must seize customer freight on more than 60 trains.
– Nearly 10,000 cars were detained on both sides of the border.
– Approximately 45% of all railcars moving to and from Mexico cross through El Paso and Eagle Pass.
Goods paralyzed at the border

– Agricultural products (grain held in six Midwestern states).
– Food and beverages (beer and dry food products).
– Automotive goods (finished vehicles and parts).
– Consumer goods.
– Industrial products (metals and cement).
Two out of three Americans call to punish companies who hire illegal migrants

A Fox News poll found that 64% of Americans want the federal government to punish and fine employers who hire illegal immigrants. However, 32% of those surveyed, disagreed with this initiative.
As an addition the situation with illegal immigrant is getting worse every in other states too. Here’s a video from Arizona that won’t make it to the mainstream media too:

This looks like an invasion!

Mark Van der Veen

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5 months ago

Why are railroads allowing illegals to travel on their freight trains?

Asstro Buoy
Asstro Buoy
5 months ago

Just give them water and rations and send them back. Is that so hard to do?