This Is America – Cops Protect People Painting Over A BLM Street Mural (Video)

You can chant “Black Lives Matter” in Florissant, but you’d better not paint it in the middle of North Lindbergh Boulevard.

Following multiple warnings, police arrested two people after a few protesters started to paint “Black Lives Matter” in the street for the third time.

“We are trying to send a message that Black lives matter, so instead of sending police in riot gear over here why don’t they try a dialogue and listen to what we are asking?” said Tina Richards, 57, of Cahokia, who was among the 50 to 70 protesters outside police headquarters on Sunday.

BLM protester did manage to paint the mural in the end.

But after protesters painted “Black Lives Matter” on a street outside the Florissant, Missouri, police department, the city allegedly covered it up, drawing new criticism as protests continue locally and around the US.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday showed a group of people painting over the stenciled words and questioned the use of a blue line of paint to do the job. “The thin blue line” has for decades been a metaphor for police work, and it’s frequently included in pro-police imagery.
They’ve had to paint over it twice and just finished yesterday but BLM was already forming protesters to repaint it.
According to Florissant Police Department Officer Steve Michael, the paint is not blue, but gray, probably they painted over again to make it grey as we can see from the pictures and the video.

“It was painted over because it is illegal to paint the roadway,”

Some suggested that the group painting over the mural was a local group of people, but officer Michael said that the new paint job was done by the city’s street department.

“If we allow all groups to paint a message anywhere then we would have all kinds of different groups doing it,” he said. “We simply cannot allow any group to paint anything on roadways.”

Video below:

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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