Trump Stops His Memorial Day Speech To Honor A 7 Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

On Monday, President Trump participated in Memorial Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. And, what Trump did during his speech, showed us what this day is all about!

Via IJR Red: “During his speech, one moment stood out when he told a story of a young boy he met the previous year. “Joining us today is a very special friend — 7-year-old Christian Jacobs, who is here with his mom, Brittany,” Trump said. “I met Christian one year ago today.”

“Christian walked over to me with great confidence, shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye, and asked if I would like to meet his dad. He loved his dad. Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, who died when Christian was just eight months old.”

Trump then explained Christian was wearing a “beautiful Marine outfit.” As he looked over to the young boy in the crowd, he said, “I’ve never seen a Marine look that good in my life.”.
“He wanted to look good, he told me, as a tribute to his father,” Trump explained. “And he led me to his dad’s grave and we paid our respects together.”

“He’s become my friend, I’ll tell you,” Trump concluded.


Outstanding, a tribute this young will never forget

Trump previously tweeted a Memorial Day message lauding the state of the U.S. under his administration saying the fallen would be happy to see the country as it is today.

It is so honorable that the President takes his time off from his stressful and busy schedule to pay tribute to the fallen heroes and encourage the present heroes. As he calls some of them by name, he ensures that each of them is special. This man has a very big heart. We are so blessed to have Trump as our prayerful, kind and courageous President.

What do you think?

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