Trump Gives Blue Angels A Shoutout During Florida Rally And The Crowd Practically Exploded! (Video)

The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds are GREAT! You can’t help but feel proud of the USA when you see them.
And it seems President Trump agrees with us!

He gave a major shout out to the Blue Angels during his Friday rally in Pensacola, Florida.

The crowd was already revved up during the rally, sporting “Merry Christmas” versions of the typical “Make America Great Again” signs, and they went even crazier when Trump gave props to the famous aviators.

“My administration is also leading the charge to rebuild our military,” Trump asserted to crowd applause. “We’re supporting our troops, their wonderful military families, including those right here in the cradle of Naval aviation.”

“The home of the legendary Blue Angels, people don’t realize that,” Trump said with a point to the sky. “By the way, can those people fly or what?”

Trump then gave a representation of how the Blue Angels fly with his hands.

“How about Naval air station Pensacola? Great place, right?” Trump said. “We can’t play games.”

The crowd practically exploded. (Video Below)

This is our PRESIDENT and he is a inspiration to our COUNTRY!

And while he is our President every American including the whiny liberals need to learn to respect him as one!
Do you agree?
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Alex D.

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