Moments ago, First Lady Melania Trump Shared A Festive Message About Christmas And Snow, This Is Heartbreaking!

It is nice to have a family in the white house that is not ashamed of American traditions.
I love Melania Trump, she’s always happy and positive, and always has a smile on her face.

Today she made us all feel the holidays again with her festive message that was just heartbreaking:

Merry Christmas, Melania, and Barron! Merry Christmas, President Trump….so great to have tradition back in our White House!

Our First Lady is so beautiful, and she has a beautiful soul, demonstrating care and compassion for others. She reminds me of Princess Diana. We are so blessed to have her as our first lady. When I think of her predecessor….in comparison….there are no words.

Have so much respect and admiration for this kind and beautiful lady! Finally class is back in the White House!

A beautiful, kind, compassionate and intelligent woman gracing the White House as a First lady. What could be better to bring in a new year of “true hope and change” for our beleaguered nation?

And to support and revere our troops who have given so much so that we may all live on and celebrate our great nation. The Trump’s love our country, our people, the troops, police, first responders and all who serve and they do their level best to show it every day.

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Alex D.

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