TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies

Reports show that anywhere from 70% to 90% of the coverage of Donald Trump by the media is negative. Add to that that they frequently take him out of context or hold him up to ridicule. Then, when Trump fights back against a deliberate effort to impugn him, they scream that he is attacking the “free press” and journalists. Actually, Trump is striking back against political activists and propagandists.

But with everything in mind President Trump’s approval is now at 45%.
So let’s compare Trump’s approval rating with our favorite Ronald Reagan And liberals favorite Barack Obama at the same time in their presidencies!

President Trump – 45%
President Obama – 44%
President Reagan – 44%


On June 9, 2010, Barack Obama’s approval number was 46% on the Rasmussen poll.
President Trump’s approval number is at 47% according to Rasmussen yesterday.

And let’s not forget the fact that the fake news media are working overtime to ruin President Trump!

As he was talking to the press yesterday during the G-7 summit President Trump reminded the world of the fake news especially about CNN.
President Trump slammed the American media during a press conference in Charlevoix, Canada on Saturday.

He described many people in the establishment media as “very dishonest.”

A CNN reporter asked President Trump a very pointed question on US allies and a “friendlier” Kim Jong-Un.

President Trump pounced on the CNN reporter.

CNN reporter: As you are heading into these G7 talks there’s a sense that America’s closest allies are frustrated with you and angry with you and that you are angry with them and that you are leaving here to go meet with more friendlier talks with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore and I was wondering if you view it the same way? And do you view the US alliance system shifting under your presidency?

President Trump: Who are you without of curiosity?

CNN reporter: CNN.

President Trump: I figured, fake news CNN. The worst. But, I had no idea you’re with CNN. After the question, I was just curious who you’re with. You’re with CNN.


Here’s the exchange:

When you consider yourself a news source, but consistently attack a sitting President’s administration and especially his family all because your candidate lost, you absolutely deserve to be on this President’s shitlist.

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