Top GOP Senators Clear The Path For Trump To Fire AG Sessions After 2018 Midterm Elections

Since President Trump was elected we’ve all be waiting to see some arrests of the people who have misused the power they were entrusted with. I was so happy when Sessions was appointed as AG. Since then I kept waiting for justice to be served on so many corruption issues from the last administration, but it never happens. No wonder President Trump is so angry with him.

During an interview with Fox News, President Trump once criticized the Attorney General Sessions for his recusal from matters related to the federal investigation into Russian election interference.

Trump also criticized the Justice Department in stark terms.

“Even my enemies say that, ‘Jeff Sessions should have told you he was going to recuse himself, and then you wouldn’t have put him in,’” Trump said in an interview that aired Thursday.

Trump also said that he only selected Sessions, previously a senator from Alabama, to be his top law enforcement officer because of his “loyalty” during the campaign.

“He was on the campaign. You know, the only reason I gave him the job was because I felt loyalty,” Trump said. “He was an original supporter.”

Trump has said how much he regrets appointing Sessions because the attorney general recused himself from the Russia investigation. The president was asked about speculation that Sessions may be fired after the election.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, as I’ve said, I wanted to stay uninvolved,” Trump said in the Fox interview. “But when everybody sees what’s going on in the Justice Department — I always put ‘Justice’ now with quotes — it’s a very, very sad day.”

However, there are a lot of people who think the same way with President Trump. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) said they will both back President Trump if he fires AG Sessions after the 2018 midterm elections.
because he deserves an Attorney General he has faith in.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said in an interview with Bloomberg that he will make time for hearings to confirm a new Attorney General. This is a 180-degree turn from Grassley’s previous statements wherein he had made it clear he wouldn’t confirm a new AG if Trump were to fire Sessions.

Senator Graham said: “The president’s entitled to an attorney general he has faith in, somebody that’s qualified for the job, and I think there will come a time, sooner rather than later, where it will be time to have a new face and a fresh voice at the Department of Justice. Clearly, Attorney General Sessions doesn’t have the confidence of the president.”

It has become very clear that Sessions has done more damage to Trump than ANYONE else.

Once Trump won, Jeff Sessions made huge promises about cleaning up the swamp… He positioned himself to be made AG…but for one reason only- so that he could protect the corruption as Holder and Lynch did! There is a lot of evidence of corruption yet Jeff Sessions continues to sit back and watch Mueller hunt down innocent people in the Trump administration. Sessions have turned his back on the most important matter that voters wanted to be prosecuted. All the corruption should be investigated and prosecuted.

President Trump should fire him today before he can anymore damage.

So you think Sessions should be fired?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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