Top FBI Official Secret Link To The Reporter Who Broke Trump Dossier Story Was Just Revealed!

Former FBI Director James Comey defended the bureau’s recently reassigned top lawyer and suggested the move was political.

“Sadly, we are now at a point in our political life when anyone can be attacked for partisan gain,” Comey tweeted Friday night.

Comey, who was fired by President Trump earlier this year, tweeted, “James Baker, who is stepping down as FBI General Counsel, served our country incredibly well for 25 years & deserves better. He is what we should all want our public servants to be.”

But it seems that the cards are closing in and we might have found out one of the reasons why he is resigning!

There have been many reports of blatant FBI bias against President Trump. Now it is looking like they may have leaked unsubstantiated dossier to the press in order to damage the President’s reputation. The man who broke the story, Mother Jones reporter David Corn has strong connections to FBI general counsel James Baker.

Despite having these deep connections, Corn denied that Baker was his source, and that any attempt to make it look like this is a vast right-wing conspiracy. “He’s a fellow I know. He’s a social acquaintance, and I do have contact with him,” admitted Corn.

“I gave a statement to Politico, and I said James Baker was not my source for this,” he said.

“And even so, Politico puts out this story. And now the Republicans are trying to investigate this link between Baker and me to sort of indicate that the FBI was playing games with the memo rather than looking at it… as a piece of information that deserved evaluation,” said Corn.

“They’re trying to show that the FBI was out there to basically get Trump and by circulating these memos to reporters such as myself, and they focused on Jim Baker who was the general counsel of the FBI,” Corn said.

It’s time we all speak out against this. Trump was elected by the people. Obama and his group need to stop interfering in government and our lives.

Alex D.

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