South Korea Foreign Minister Sends Mainstream Media Into Panic Mode With Special Message For President Trump

This country is beyond lucky Trump won, even though most people don’t know it, understand it, or can’t admit it!

North Korea has long said it wants a strong nuclear program to defend against a possible invasion from the United States, and it’s spent decades resisting international pressure to give up its weapons.

But, now after years of building up nuclear and long-range missiles that target American cities, North Korea may be ready to strike a deal to give them up.

But the winning doesn’t stop here because he even manage to put a pressure on North Korea and now after so many years the two nations will sign a peace treaty!

Clearly, credit goes to President Trump,” Kang said. “He’s been determined to come to grips with this from day one.”

“I think we’re all surprised,” Kang said of the summit between the two Koreas after decades of intense rivalry. “Obviously pleasantly surprised. I think by all indications we are headed towards a very successful summit between my president and Chairman Kim tomorrow.”

While Kang said President Moon’s quiet determination to eventually achieve peace played a role in making the talks happen, she also pointed to the tough rhetoric of President Trump, combined with enforced economic and travel sanctions on North Korea.

President Trump is the only one that actually does something at all when it comes to North Korea and in return, he got attacked on every corner about his action against the crazy dictator, but on the end, it seems he made the right move!

Of course that this historic moment was made possible by President Trump himself but the mainstream media will surely ignore this news so it’s up to us to share it!

Alex D.

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