Photos Allegedly Show Prominent Antifa Member From DC With Barack Obama In The White House


Former President Barack Obama told America that he doesn’t believe the protests that have erupted across the country are anything like those that reverberated in 1968, which many believed helped elect President Richard Nixon.

“I’ve heard some people say that you have a pandemic, then you have these protests, this reminds people of the ’60s and the chaos and the discord and distrust throughout the country. I have to tell you, although I was very young … I know enough about that history to say there is something different,” Obama said.

While he said that the demonstrations have largely been peaceful, violence and looting erupted in numerous cities as groups of protesters clashed with law enforcement officers and burned businesses.

Antifa which the Dems say it’s imaginary is responsible for much of the riots.

Now Twitter users allege that Former President Barack Obama had a meeting with the leader of Antifa’s wing in DC back in his days as President.

The son of prominent journalist Clarence Page has been arrested in connection with Antifa activities. Twitter users have found damaging photos of Grady Page at the White House with former President Obama.

Photos below:

Tweets below:

Someone is trying to hide something or someone is lying?

We checked Obama’s White House records and there wasn’t any official photo of the former President with Grady Page.

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