Watch: Terrifying Shootout Between The Army and Mexican Drug Gangs on the US Border (Video)

Shocking footage has caught a shootout between army officers and a drug gang on the US border.

Our southern border has been wide open for far too long. Millions of individuals, including criminals, gang members, and terrorists, have entered the United States by simply passing over some bushes or a small wire fence. But, it is time to finally preserve what is ours!

This is the terrifying moment tensions between authorities and Mexico’s notorious drug cartels came to a head when a brutal shootout took place near to the border with the US. Watch the video below!

Pelts of bullets were exchanged by both the army and rival cartels in this dramatic clash over territory in the town of Rio Bravo, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, according to Mirror.

An “ongoing war” is believed to be taking place in the area as two rival drug gangs want to take over control of the Golfo Cartel area.

The conflict is said to have escalated and resulted in army officers having to get involved this week, with one terrified witness capturing the height of tensions on camera.

It is said there were two shooting incidents, but this is footage from just one, which has been uploaded online.

It happened when officers were chasing a black Chevrolet van when it stopped, with officers then jumping out wielding weapons and starting shooting.

Another chase later in the day reportedly caused a number of city streets to be blocked and closed off for the safety of uninvolved residents.

It never ceases to amaze me. Mexico has some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws on the books of any country. Having a gun there, alone, can get you life in prison. Yet every criminal has one! The only unarmed people are the citizens. Mexico can’t control these drug lords to make it harder for them to sell their stash in the USA. Just try to explain that to the libtards in the U.S.


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