Shocking Footage Surfaced Of Maxine Waters, Al Green and Multiple Congressional Democrats – Their Careers Are Over After This Video!

Some of our fine members of Congress who scream constantly about racism finally got what they deserved!

A photograph of then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that was taken in 2005 at a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, DC, was released Saturday after a 13-year cover-up to protect Obama’s political career.

The photo was first published last week by the Trice Edney News Wire, a “provocative, empowering, unapologetically Black” wire news service that interviewed Muhammad. The veteran journalist told the news service that he “gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy” to protect Obama.

Well, Obama is out of the picture and this photo will not hurt him because we already knew who was our former President!

But the latest Footage that was revealed by The Daily Caller shows images of multiple congressional Democrats hugging, embracing and coordinating with Louis Farrakhan!

From The Daily Caller:


The new images and videos show Congressional Democrats, some of whom are still serving, warmly embracing Farrakhan in 2006 at a church in New Orleans. The footage was brought to light by columnist Jeryl Bier. Bier has been tweeting the following images and video of the encounter.

Here’s regular critic of President Trump, Maxine Waters, hugging Farrakhan warmly.

William Jefferson:

Al Green:

Rep. Barbara Lee:

Just as a reminder:


Farrakhan claims Jews caused the Holocaust
Farrakhan called Jews “Satanic”
Farrakhan said “White people deserve to die”
Farrakhan claims interracial marriage is evil
Farrakhan blamed the Jews for 9/11
Farrakhan said “Hitler was a very great man”

Farrakhan, born Louis Eugene Walcott, has led the Nation of Islam (NOI) since 1981. NOI is a cultish new religious movement founded in the 1930s by Wallace Fard Muhammad, a man who claimed to be the Messiah cometh as well as the “Mahdi” of Islam.

NOI’s primary beliefs, hammered out under the leadership of “the honorable” Elijah Muhammad in the 1940s and 50s, include that white person are inherent “devils,” who exist because a black scientist named Jakub “grafted” them into existence on an island in the fifth millennium B.C.

It’s shocking that these people are still fighting for power after this footage they should just stop!

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