This Republican Senator Would Vote For A Democrat Over Roy Moore

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Monday that he would vote for Democrat Doug Jones over Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for Senate and would support expelling Moore if he wins.

“I don’t think it will get to that,” Flake said regarding expulsion. “But if it does, yes.”

“If the choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat — the Democrat, no doubt,” Flake said about the choice in the race.

“I would literally — if I were in Alabama — I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.”

The Arizona Senator also reiterated that sentiment on Twitter.

Flake, of course, does not have a vote in the matter since he is not a voter in Alabama. And soon he won’t have a say in the very body that Roy Moore might be joining because Flake announced he is retiring from his own Senate seat.

Flake also insisted that he would back a move to have Moore expelled from the U.S. Senate even if he wins the election.

“I don’t think it will get to that, but if it does, yes,” Flake said of a move to refuse to allow Moore to take a seat in the upper chamber.

We will soon see how all of you, RINOS fair when real journalists start visiting the watering holes in DC.
And hopefully, you’ll get as much innocent until proven guilty as Y’all are giving Mr. Moore.I ‘ve never heard or seen the level of Hollywood acting, as we have this week.Where were they when he was running for all the other offices.
Btw.If Flako, McConnell, and McCain are against someone in their own party.That’s when you know you picked the right candidate.
Investigate the establishment.
They did just pass a bill to make them take a class on NOT Sexually Assaulting each other.So they’re telling us it’s worse than we thought.

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