President Trump Signs National Defense Authorization Act, Gives Troops Largest Pay Raise In 7 years (Video)

Unlike Obama where every strike had to be approved by Obama…Trump trusts the military enough to let them decide when a military strike is to be allowed. “Trump authorizes”-and that is what a leader does. He hires people good at what they do and authorizes them to do it.

But today he announced something even better he signed into law the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, a $700 billion defense policy bill that he said will help set in motion his promise to pursue a major military buildup.

“This historic legislation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our men and women in uniform – the greatest fighting force in the history of the world,” Trump said at the signing ceremony. “This legislation represents a momentous step in rebuilding our military and securing our future for our children.”

The budget calls for an additional 20,000 troops; funding for weapons systems, retention pay and bonuses; and repairs for Navy ships such as the USS John S. McCain and the USS Fitzgerald, which were both involved in deadly collisions earlier this year.

This is the largest proposed military budget to date, particularly the most significant budget to be passed during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congress still has to come up with a definitive plan to fund the $700 billion budget. It has has to approve a defense budget cap increase – the Department of Defense Appropriations Act – in order to accommodate the proposed NDAA. The Act has already been passed in the House.

President Trump, is doing what he said he would. What better way could our wonderful President show his support and love for our Military and country. This man is not going anywhere!

Alex D.

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