Obama’s Billionaire Friend Richard Branson Exposed Obama’s Secret He Never Wanted Getting Out

We all know that Obama never let the people what he really felt…unlike Trump who has no fear of the truth!!! The reality is Obama should have never been President for 2 terms. Not an American Citizen, lied to the people.

Obama’s billionaire friend Richard Branson released a book: “finding my virginity” where he gives details on his friendship with Obama. On purpose or not, he exposed something that Obama never wanted Americans to find out.

In his autobiography, Branson revealed the fact that Obama was adamantly anti-death penalty for any reason.

Daily Mail reported: “His true feelings on the issue were disclosed during a lunchtime conversation with Branson in the Oval Office in 2016.

”Would you consider using Presidential Decree to remove the death penalty for the sixty people under federal jurisdiction on death row?” I asked. Or at least five of the sixty that [attorney and activist] Bryan [Stevenson] feels have particularly strong evidence for pardoning?’

According to Branson, Obama said he had read up on all of the cases and agreed that the death penalty should be outlawed.
‘He said that he was more inclined to pardon all sixty than make a judgment on five. He felt that was the morally correct path since he disagreed with the death penalty on principle,’ Branson writes.

However, in a 2015 interview, Obama had admitted he was ‘disturbed’ with capital punishment but ‘understood’ its use.
He told CNN: ‘There are certain crimes that are so beyond the pale that I understand society’s need to express its outrage. So I have not traditionally been opposed to the death penalty in theory. But in practice, it’s deeply troubling.'”

So, he just told the electorate what he thought would be most politically expedient, even though he knew it wasn’t true. Luckily, we now all know that Obama lies without shame for his shameful causes.

But, supporting abortion and opposing the death penalty is incongruent.

Still, he opposes the death penalty because it is the punishment for treason, sedition, and espionage. And he is guilty of all three.

Bottom line is, a politician is there to represent the interest of people who put him in office. He may not agree with death penalty, but if people who put him in office want it, that’s what he should do.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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