Policy Of The People! 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Americans That Are Making Less Than $50.000

Health Care is the tool of control for liberals… High Taxes is the tool of control for liberals… Handouts are the tool of control for liberals… Welfare is the tool of control for liberals… Nothing is for free, you now owe your soul to the country store.

We are now all aware that Obama care was/is a disaster!! You either lost or had to pay a terrible price to have it, just so the welfare, illegals etc could have theirs and we, the working people, had to go without to pay for them!A new report reveals that Obama’s true legacy should actually be taking money out of the pockets of average Americans in one of the rawest deals since Bernie Madoff.

Forbes contributor Ryan Ellis, the individual mandate that is at the center of Obamacare actually hits working-class families the hardest.

“The mandate is a tax which punishes those who can least afford it,” Ellis wrote.

Comparing the numbers of who actually pays Obamacare’s individual mandate surtax, which is the penalty that kicks in if a person doesn’t purchase government-approved health insurance. What he found was shocking.

“According to the IRS, some 6.7 million American families pay Obamacare’s individual mandate surtax, forking over $3 billion annually to Uncle Sam merely for exercising their right not to purchase an unaffordable Obamacare plan,” Ellis wrote.

So, tell me again about how Obamacare is helping low-income and middle-class Americans?

“Ending the individual mandate surtax will not cause anyone to lose their health insurance,” Ellis argued. “It will merely stop punishing people who choose not to buy expensive insurance with a surtax they cannot afford, either.”

According to IRS data compiled by Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont, in 2015, 80 percent of Nevadans who paid an individual mandate tax penalty made under $50,000 a year. Thirty-nine percent made under $25,000. This means that around 5.3 million Americans who earn under $50,000 annually were forced to pay the mandate penalty, which averaged about $340 per person.

Obamacare is yet another way to suck the life and money from “middle class”… globalist want 2 classes of people..the POOR and the elite. POOR people are easy to control because when they give out handout it seems like they are actually helping them. We know that Obamacare was meant to beat down middle class to being poor. Sadly, the middle class can’t afford this totally worthless insurance. We are handing over $1100 a month for nothing except for someone else to have health care that we don’t actually get. Absolutely criminal!

Luckily, with the failure by Republicans in Congress to repeal Obamacare this year, President Trump is taking matters into his own hands, signing an executive order Thursday that targets the health care law. Trump is asking federal agencies to look for ways to expand the use of association health plans, groups of small businesses that pool together to buy health insurance and to broaden the definition of short-term insurance, which is exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s rules.

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