Paperwork “Blunder” Gives An Illegal Alien Chance To Murder Innocent American – Here Are The Details

A 20-year-old Honduran illegal alien stands accused of a brutal murder in New York after being released due to a paperwork error, despite a previous arrest for a stabbing in another state.

The case has ignited controversy and calls for reform as questions surround the handling of the repeat offender’s legal status.

Carlos Corrales-Ramirez, a 20-year-old Honduran national, was arrested and arraigned this week in a Rensselaer County, New York court for the fatal stabbing of 28-year-old Jario J. Hernandez-Sanchez, 28, of Troy, New York on September 2.

However, a report by The National Desk said that Corrales-Ramirez was previously arrested by border patrol agents near Champlain, New York in March before being turned over to New York State Police when border patrol saw there was an active warrant for his arrest in Laurel, Maryland for a non-fatal stabbing.

Mark Morgan, former acting CBP commissioner, said the border patrol did their job by arresting the suspect who was “one, in the country illegally; and two, he had a warrant out of Maryland for a violent stabbing,” according to The National Desk.

“Border Patrol did their job, they turned him over to the state police, local authorities, who then detained that individual in the Clinton County Jail, in addition to ICE as they’re supposed to do, and placed a detainer on this individual because he was here in the country illegally. And then explicitly, which I still don’t know why, Maryland never filed the paperwork to extradite the subject back to Maryland,” Morgan said.

He revealed that ICE released the detainer on Corrales-Ramirez due to the constraints imposed by United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

“So even if someone is caught in here illegally, and they’ve been charged with another crime, that’s still not enough for Sec. Mayorkas as he says that’s not a bright-line rule. He makes ICE go through this lengthy analysis to determine whether they’re a public safety threat and at the end of the day, it really says that they have to be convicted of a violent crime,” Morgan said.

Corrales-Ramirez is being held in the Rensselaer County Jail in Troy, New York.

Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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9 months ago

We’ve been dealing with a foreign invasion force in Colorado for decades. Being a sanctuary state is a serious health and safety hazard for residents. RECALL POLIS! Worst state governor in history. Question; When do the deportations start? Locating the illegal migrants is as simple as driving by the local welfare office or talking to road work crews. Even Lowes sent illegal hondourans to my house to install carpet.