Here Is What The NRA Tweeted Right After The Texas Church Shooting – This Has Triggered Liberal Snowflakes Around America!

Less than an hour after an unidentified gunman committed the deadliest church shooting in American history today, killing 27 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the NRA Blog posted a tweet:

Correct and protect the record. Please help folks get these terms right: https://t.co/dR03GmbERL pic.twitter.com/9Pdk5al60j

— NRABlog (@NRAblog) November 5, 2017

According to its website, the NRA Blog is “your connection to the firearm education, safety, and marksmanship training programs of the National Rifle Association.”

The tweet links to an article entitled, “It’s Time For A Vocabulary Lesson,” in which the author, Emily Rupertus, castigates the “liberal media” for making “a certain semi-automatic rifle sound scary” by “mistakenly” calling it a “semi-automatic assault rifle.” To be clear, Rupertus is defending one of the weapons – the AR-15 – that the Las Vegas shooter used to kill 58 and injure nearly 500 last month in what became the deadliest shooting in modern American history. But, sure, let’s argue semantics.

News of the tragedy came at about 11:30 this morning after a gunman opened fire in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a town more than 30 miles southeast of San Antonio.

Liberals already started a full-scale attack on NRA!

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) on Sunday slammed the National Rifle Association (NRA) for posting a tweet about gun terminology in the wake of reports about a shooting in Texas.

“Thanks, @NRA, for helping us focus on the real issues here, literally minutes after more Americans are massacred,” Moulton wrote on Twitter, quoting a post from the NRA.

So it’s up to us to share this and protect NRA, after all, we all know liberal hypocrisy has no limits!

Alex D.

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