After Bernie Sanders Called GOP Tax Cuts ‘Looting’ Don Jr. Responded And Delivered Him A Knockout Punch!

Bernie Sanders is a guy who never worked a day in his life or created wealth or jobs, as for looting, he and his wife are experts at that…they have looted the American taxpayer and sold us out for huge bank accounts. They are under investigation for loan fraud as well. So now we should listen to Bernie schooling us on politics and taxes crooks after he backed Clinton after she manipulated the primaries away from him.

From The Daily Caller:

Bernie Sanders, along with many Democrats, were extremely upset on Friday when the GOP passed tax reform through the Senate. The midnight vote passed 49 to 51 after a series of ninth-hour amendments. It is seen as a major legislative victory for the GOP, which has struggled to find consensus on major legislation in the Senate. Leader McConnell touted the passage as a victory for the American people, saying it was a “great day for the country.”

Not unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to complain about the passage of tax reform. The democratic socialist from Vermont said the bill was “looting” the American people.

However, no one dropped the hammer harder than the outspoken son of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Don Jr. took to Twitter to respond to Sanders, hitting him hard for his socialist leanings.

I’m still trying to figure out how letting Americans keep more of THEIR money is looting… but you know logic and such is long gone with the libs. Also socialists likely shouldn’t talk about looting and history in the same sentence. #yourewelcome

I don’t see ‘sellout Bernie’ sharing his ill-gotten gains with anyone….another socialist hypocrite.

Do you agree?

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