The NFL Players’ Union Just Fired Back At Cowboys Owner Over His Ultimatum To His Protesting Players With A Disgusting Statement

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finally had enough of the anthem protesters and told them what he would do if some of his players disrespect the anthem! On Sunday Jones said that any of his players who disrespect the flag during the national anthem won’t play in games.

Jones is the first NFL owner to publicly make a stand about disciplining players who kneel during the anthem. Jones didn’t specify what kind of other demonstration he would consider disrespectful.

Jones’ comments, the strongest made on the anthem controversy, came after he was asked about Vice President Mike Pence leaving the game in Indianapolis early after several San Francisco 49ers players took a knee during the national anthem.

But, after Jones’s ultimatum to his players, the head of the National Football League’s Players Union, DeMaurice Smith, fired back with a powerful message on Twitter.

The NFL Union is saying no player is disrespecting our Country or our flag, but instead they are confronting the issues they have.

WRONG! They aren’t protesting for a cause. They kneeling to oppose the president. The fact is, only a couple players held ‘protests’ until Trump’s tweet. The fact that they didn’t ‘protest’ until Trump indicates this was only politically motivated. I’m sure there are several players concerned about what they view as injustices but the rest seem to be going with the crowd.

If they were actually concerned about racism and social injustice they would be in Chicago trying to help with the 500+ murders, mostly POC, or taking their millions and giving back to the communities that raised them.

Although the NFL players might be the faces of the sport, in the end, the team owners have a lot of power over what the players can and cannot do.

Not standing for the national anthem is a sign of disrespect, which should never be allowed!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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