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Watch: Horrified Mum Filmed Her McDonald’s Burger Crawling With Live Maggots (Video)

I was eating much more often into our fast food outlets in the 90’s but lately not so much the reason is simple the quality in our best fast food restaurants is dropping!

I rarely eat at the “fast food” outlets… I always feel that they are not properly clean and sanitized!

Horrified mum filmed her McDonald’s burger crawling with live maggots. Watch the video below!

Emmii McHugh says she was horrified to find dozens of small white maggots crawling over the cheeseburger, which had already been partially eaten by her three-year-old son, according to Mirror.

She says she started filming after opening up the bun at a McDonald’s store in Maryborough, Brisbane, Australia, and finding the critters.

“I’ve just bought a cheeseburger happy meal for my three-year-old and low and behold there are live maggots on and in the meat patty,” she wrote on Facebook after posting the video.

“I’m absolutely disgusted. How this can happen baffles me.”

The mother-of-one said she was already in contact with the store manager and would “take this” as far as she could with the fast-food chain.

She added that she had kept evidence of what had happened and had even frozen the burger.

“I’ve kept and frozen the product and also have the receipt along with a photo and video. I will be taking this as far as I can,” she said.

“I’ll be ringing health and safety first thing in the morning. I want the entire stock thrown out. I don’t want another poor kid eating this s**t.”

The mother said finding the maggots had put her off eating in the fast food restaurant ever again.

“I’m definitely not eating this c**p again. I’m off fast food now. The upside is I might lose a bit of weight, so it’s some unwanted help on my diet. Thanks, Maccas,” she said.

I am not surprised most the staff is young and you can bet they don’t care about washing their hands or anybody else. The management is at fault should be more checks and maybe gloves used at all times when handling food or anything that comes into contact.

Maybe we should start avoiding their drinks ice cream and burgers, share this with someone you care about!

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