Mick Mulvaney Schools Maxine Waters n American Government During Hearing (VIDEO)

During a Wednesday testimony on Capitol Hill, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney school Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters on the purpose of separation of powers. Mulvaney tried to explain the separation of powers to Waters, but he was cut off by her reclaiming her time.

Via The Daily Caller: “Waters asked him why people should trust him to run the CFPB when he was previously sponsored legislation to get rid of that bureau.

During her line of questioning, Waters insisted that she and her colleagues were responsible for implementing Dodd Frank financial regulations.

“With respect, Congresswoman, I would say that I am the one for responsible for implementing Dodd Frank, not you,” Mulvaney retorted. “You were responsible for passing legislation and then the executive branch implements it.”

“I have not burnt the place down,” he continued. “Despite what you may have heard about what I was going to do when I got in there — I think that we have ten fewer people working there now than the day I took over, and that’s out of 1627 people.”

Waters was not thrilled with Mulvaney’s government lesson or his insistence that he was not destroying the CFPB, and cut off his answer.

“I’m reclaiming my time,” Waters declared. “Let me just say to you that you couldn’t implement a thing unless, first of all, there was legislation that was passed to deal with what you’re doing, and second, we have responsibility for the oversight of your implementation.”

Pretty sad when the people we put into office to help the people the Maxine’s get rich while the rest of us get belittled. I am profoundly surprised how can such an ignorant woman be re-elected. Her ignorance speaks volumes about the people who elected her and those like her.

Waters has been acknowledged again as THE most corrupt member of Congress. This does nothing to stop the idiotic media camping at her doorstep for her latest rambling tirades against Trump.

They ignore her stunning disconnect with both realities and with her job as a member of Congress.

But, no surprise there at all.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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