Biden Caught On Hot Mic Allegedly Saying: “I Don’t Know What(Where) I’m Signing,’ – Signs Executive Order Anyway (Video)

Joe Biden signed 15 Executive Orders on Wednesday alone.

Biden signed additional executive orders on stimulus checks, food stamps and minimum wage on Friday.

President Biden signed two executive orders, one of which would increase federal food assistance and streamline the delivery of stimulus checks.

Some internet sleuths allege that while signing the orders Biden said: “I don’t know what I’m signing”

Video below:

A full video from the signing:

It doesn’t mater if you are a fan of Biden but until we find a video with even clear sound we can’t tell for sure if he is saying:

I don’t know what I’m signing or I don’t where I’m signing?

It’s a bit muffled with his mask on, but Biden definitely looks confused in his first days in office.

Joe Biden will spend the second week of his presidency in much the same way he spent his first: signing a slew of executive actions intended to roll back certain Trump administration policies while implementing his own.

Biden this week will focus on immigration, health care, climate and other areas, with each day following a designated theme.

Biden is sure to undo much of Trump’s legacy. One report described how his team was readying a “tsunami” of executive orders to reverse Trump policies. “The policy team, the transition policy teams, are focusing now very much on executive power,” Biden said after the election. Some orders have already overturned Trump policies on immigration, such as reversing the travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries. The union-friendly Biden will also no doubt reinstate Obama policies friendly to labor, probably including prevailing-wage requirements. Biden’s support for the Paris climate accords suggests that he will reverse Trump’s deregulatory actions on the environment. In all, The New York Times estimated that Trump had softened or rolled back nearly 100 environmental rules and federal actions. Biden will probably focus on Trump actions that loosened requirements on signature Obama laws, especially the Dodd-Frank banking regulations and rules dictating how the Affordable Care Act is administered.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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