Lost In Glasgow – Joe Biden Apologizes For Repeating Himself, Loses His Place, Then Repeats Himself Again (Video)

– Satchel Page story to Pope
– poop on Pope
– 800 staff and admin
– fly on jets to climate conf
– 85 limousines to climate conf
– sleeps away during important conf
that is an existential threat now
– almost gets pushed off stage

What did I miss?

Well, a lot!
Today Biden was lost in Glasgow yet again!

We have a video from you this morning where Joe Biden apologizes for repeating himself, loses his place, then repeats himself again.

Biden: “Finally, as you keep hearing me say and I apologize, building out our climate infrastructure can and should help drive…”

A few seconds later: “And finally, you keep hearing me say it, building out the climate infrastructure should drive…”

Video below:

The Tweet below sums up the whole situation in Glasgow:

During a meeting on the margins of the summit regarding climate aspects of his Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative, Biden argued that the collective effort by western nations to support infrastructure in the developing world is a chance to prove democracy can still deliver.

The B3W program was announced in June at the G7. It is meant to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative.

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