Liberals Claimed That Melania Trump Did Not Want To Become First Lady – President Trump Fires Back And Reveals The Truth With A Stunning Statement!

President Trump shot back at the “liberal media” after a report Sunday said his wife did not want to be the first lady “come hell or high water.”

Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that ‘if you run, you will win,’ ” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“She would tell everyone that, ‘no doubt, he will win.’ I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) – and Country is doing great!”



The fake story says a longtime friend of the Trump family told Vanity Fair in a story published Sunday that being first lady “isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something [President Trump] ever thought he’d win.”

“She didn’t want this come hell or high water,” the friend added. “I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.

The first lady’s office also pushed back on the report in a statement to CNN Monday, saying the story is “riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions.”

“As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady as a supportive wife and mother,” a spokeswoman for Trump told the network.
Do you think that the liberal media is just trying to hurt Trump’s family with fake stories!
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Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Supreme Insider, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Right Journalism. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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6 years ago

. We stand by Our First Lady 100%

6 years ago

So easy for the liberal magazine (I consider it) can give it out but I doubt that they can take it as per usual with the liberal snowflakes. Yes, once again no mention of the names talking about Melania not wanting the position of the first Lady but once again if someone said crass things about former first lady Michelle oh my they would scream and claim racism, etc. No doubt this will not end while Pres. Trump is in office. As I have learned when teaching school, consider the source ignore the remark (if you can, some names can be cruel!)! They those that hate the Trumps should clean out their own noses in this regard but then most are to busy saying lies and names to take the time. Lala land or aka Hollywood is not really much of a reality anyway! Also, the theatre ticket sales last year from what I have read went down by 22%. The ticket sales can be hurt my the liberal celebrities and their mouths!