Liberal Major Fired A Senior Election Official For Exposing Absentee Ballot Fraud – Might Face Criminal Charges

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson has just fired Milwaukee’s Election Commission deputy over voter fraud.

Johnson made his announcement in a press conference Thursday morning.

With the 2022 midterm elections only days away, the Milwaukee Election Commission will be without its deputy director.

Kimberly Zapata, who had served on the commission for seven years, was fired after she admitted to illegally requesting military ballots.

According to WITI, Zapata sent three ballots to the home of GOP state representative Janel Brandtjen, to prove a flaw in the voting system.

Zapata requested the ballots using the names of servicemembers who do not exist.

The Elections Commission Director believes that Zapata was trying to show that absentee ballots can be requested without photo identification or even cross-referencing the person with a voter registration database.
Milwaukee mayor Cavalier Johnson voiced his outrage at Zapata’s actions.

“This has every appearance of being an egregious, blatant violation of trust, and this matter is now in the hands of law enforcement,” he stated according to the Epoch Times.

Johnson said Zapata said she committed the crime to show voter fraud was possible.

“This has every appearance of being an egregious and blatant violation of trust,” Johnson said. “Election integrity is absolutely integral. It’s absolutely essential.” Milwaukee County prosecutors are considering charging Zapata with malfeasance in office, a felony, and illegally requesting a ballot, a misdemeanor.

District Attorney John Chisholm said in a statement his office is reviewing the election fraud allegations and that prosecutors “expect charges to be filed in the coming days.”

As reported by WITI, Brandtjen forwarded the ballots to Waukesha County police who launched an investigation.

As mentioned earlier by Brandtjen, Wisconsin law does not require those serving in the military to register to vote.

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Sea Man
Sea Man
1 year ago

something something treason, something something rope

1 year ago

Let me guess, it’s working for a Ukrainian oil oligarch right?