Judge Pirro Finally Reveals The Bombshell Truth About Gov’t Shutdown – She Literally Destroyed The Democrats On Live TV (Video)

The Democratic party os a party who no longer cares for America, it’s all about power.

They are called “The Party Of Hate” for a reason.

Judge Jeannine Pirro is one of the few decent reporters we have that reports the truth!

In her Saturday opening statement on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Jeanine Pirro accused the Democrats of “stepping on” President Donald Trump’s one-year anniversary, and the reflection of his accomplishments, saying their sole mission in shutting down the government is “obstruction.”

“To show you how mean-spirited the Democrats are, they are shutting the government down over a bill that has nothing in it that they oppose,” Pirro explained. “Obstruction is their mission. Pure and simple.”

Pirro listed off how Trump has reinvigorated the economy and other accomplishments in his first year ranging from lowered illegal immigration to military support.

“The American people see the vindictiveness of the obstruction and resist Trump movement. And this was a simple ploy to step on the president’s inaugural anniversary,” she concluded.


Fantastic opening once again! Trump absolutely arrived just in time. Obama was running this country into the ground trying his hardest to make us a third world country.

Trump loves America, Obama hated America simple as that!

The things Trump has accomplished in ONE YEAR is totally unbelievable.

He is amazing and will MAGA, he puts America first always and with his excellent bill of health, I look forward to another 7 years with Trump at the wheel!

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Alex D.

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