Judge Andrew Napolitano Shocks The Nation With A Stunning Announcement About President Trump! (Video)

Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped a bomb today when he revealed that he thinks President Donald Trump will be interviewed at some point by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

Fox News reported that Napolitano said this after “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer asked him about a statement by Trump’s lawyers that they do not expect Mueller’s team to request to speak with the president.

“My belief is that the president ultimately will be interviewed. He will be interviewed to see if he tells the truth. It’s a favorite technique of the FBI,” Napolitano said. He went on to say that he agrees with an assessment by Gregg Jarrett that the longer the probe goes on, the more it will damage Trump’s ability to negotiate with Russia.

“That is the problem with independent counsels. They have a tendency to want to justify their … existence by indicting people,” he said, adding that the alleged offenses may turn out to not be related to Russia and the campaign.

This came days after Napolitano said that the White House should be “very concerned” about new reports pointing to a potential deal between Mueller and Gen. Michael Flynn. In a Fox News Opinion piece, Napolitano pointed out that Thanksgiving has come and gone, with Mueller’s probe showing no signs of concluding.

Regrettably, this purchased, bribed testimony is, more often than not, believed by jurors, even though they are told of the deals that brought the evidence to them. Though Trump’s lawyers are gainsaying this Flynn reversal, they must know how potentially dangerous it is to their client. Flynn was Trump’s nearly constant confidant from June 2015 to February 2017.

How does Mueller get indictments, but the damn Republicans can’t seem to get shit. Republicans have the House, Senate, and White House yet they’re letting the damn democrats drive everything. What the hell?

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Alex D.

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