John Bolton Set To Purge Obama Holdovers Who Are ‘Disloyal’ To President Trump

Hiring someone who wants to MAKE America Great Again and work with the President to do so is what we’ve needed during the first Month of POTUS government. But, it is better late than never!

President Trump’s incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, reportedly plans to oust dozens of White House officials perceived to be disloyal to the president from the National Security Council.

Via The Daily Caller: “Sources told Foreign Policy that Bolton’s planned purge will start with Obama administration holdovers and eventually broaden to include leakers and those disloyal to the president.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” a former White House official told Foreign Policy.

Another official issued a warning to former Obama officials — “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.”

But the purge reportedly won’t stop with former Obama appointees. A source told Foreign Policy that Bolton intends to “remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in.”

One Bolton source put a damper on the report, saying it was “premature” to talk about staff changes. Another cautioned that any staff changes, were they to be signed off on by Bolton, would be slow in coming because of the time it takes to process security clearances, which will likely leave Bolton with most current staff for President Trump’s upcoming May meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

However, Matthew Freedman, a Republican consultant and Bolton adviser who is helping to manage the transition, is reportedly “overly ambitious about cleaning house,” according to a Republican source, although Freedman himself told Foreign Policy there was currently “no list” of people to fire.”

Congrats Bolton! Excited to finally have a great American in that position. Prayers for great wisdom and strength for the task ahead.

It is about time to rid of the holdovers and start prosecuting the Deep State traitors and the leakers. Enough is enough! Think how far ahead we’d be if we didn’t have to deal with this dossier nonsense! We would have a better omnibus bill and we’d have the wall!

Do you trust Bolton will finally get rid of leakers and untrustworthy Obama holdovers?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

Natalie Dagenhardt is an American conservative writer who writes for  Right Journalism! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington. She is a "constitutional conservative".

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6 years ago

that should have been done when trump took office

Brenda Corbitt
Brenda Corbitt
6 years ago

I certainly hope John Bolton, does just that. It is long overdue. If these demonic Democrats aren’t stopped and Now, the damage they have set out to do, will be too far into their evil agenda it Won’t be able to be stopped. Everyday we allow the Obama followers to destroy this country, one city at a time. We won’t be able to come back, and America is doomed to fail.