Iranian Claims To Take Photo Of Missile Part Near Ukrainian Plane That Crashed Today (Photos)

The crash of a Ukrainian jetliner that killed 176 people in Iran touched off mourning Wednesday in both Ukraine and Canada — where many of the victims were from or were headed — and raised a host of questions about what went wrong. But U.S. intelligence officials said there was no immediate evidence it was shot down.

This morning Iran refused to turn over the black box from the downed plane.

Iran will not give the black box of the crashed Ukrainian airliner to planemaker Boeing, the head of Tehran’s civil aviation organization was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Ali Abedzadeh also said it was not clear which country Iran would send the box to so that its data could be analyzed, semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Now new evidence surfaced.

A local Iranian reportedly discovered a “control segment” of a TOR M1 missile near the Ukrainian plane crash site.

Heshmat Alavi Iranian investigative journalist tweeted these photos:



There could be a lot of reasons for this, it’s possible that they were hoping the missile attacks would bring US strike aircraft into the zone so they shot the airliner down hoping to blame it on the US. Except there was no US aircraft in the vicinity. That’s why they are hiding the black box.


Ukrainian investigators want to search for possible debris of a Russian missile at the site of the Iran plane crash after seeing information about it on the internet, Oleksiy Danylov, the secretary of the national security council, said on Thursday.

Ukraine is looking at various possible causes of the crash of an Ukrainian airliner, including a possible missile attack, a collision, an engine explosion or terrorism, he wrote in a Facebook post.

Spy satellite evidence suggests the Ukrainian plane that crashed in Iran was shot down by Iranian missiles.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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