If Desperation Was A Video: Joe Biden Put Out A Video Of Him Eating Fried Chicken With A Black Family And Is Cringe As You Can Imagine

After new polls show President Trump taking about 30% of the black vote, which is a game changer, bumbling Biden released a video of him eating fried chicken with black people to reconnect.

Did they cut out the watermelon dessert part of the video?

Watch the vide3o below:

Remember what Joe said in 2020….if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black.

Also if you remember this cringe video!

Joe Biden: “I Got Raised In The Black Church.”

Video below:

But even the mainstream media agrees that Joe is failing!

Thew excerpt is from the USA Today:

President Joe Biden heads into the election year showing alarming weakness among stalwarts of the Democratic base, with Donald Trump leading among Hispanic voters and young people. One in 5 Black voters now say they’ll support a third-party candidate in November.

In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Biden’s failure to consolidate support in key parts of the coalition that elected him in 2020 has left him narrowly trailing Trump, the likely Republican nominee, 39%-37%; 17% support an unnamed third-party candidate.

When seven candidates are specified by name, Trump’s lead inches up to 3 percentage points, 37%-34%, with independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the top of the third-party candidates at 10%.

Biden now claims the support of just 63% of Black voters, a precipitous decline from the 87% he carried in 2020, according to the Roper Center. He trails among Hispanic voters by 5 percentage points, 39%-34%; in 2020 he had swamped Trump among that demographic group 2 to 1, 65%-32%.

The video was leaked to make black voters feel closer to Joe but this is just a cringe video from an old man who needs to retire and take care of his health!

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Mark Van der Veen

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4 months ago

So old senile, little girl fondling, incompetent, dysfunctional wants to score a few points with black people by having a “fried chikin” dinner with some black folk, but his “fried chikin” is a hamburger. What a pathetic hypocrite.

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
4 months ago

Poor taste but hardly a breach of etiquitte.