Here’s The Number of Edits in This Two Minute Pre-Recorded Video of Joe Biden – This Raises Serious Questions

A video shared Tuesday to the official “POTUS” account on the Twitter machine won’t help matters.

In the pre-recorded two-minute clip, we see Biden yada yadaing and gesturing about his supposed commitment to America’s allies worldwide, and criticizing former President Donald Trump, his likely GOP general election opponent, regarding his recent statements about Russia, the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and how the remarks were, in Biden’s view, “so dangerous.”

Video below:

Leaving aside the questionable substance of what Biden said, notice something weird about the video, besides how heavily staged it is?

There were no bouts of confusion. No forgetting what to say. No going off script. Biden kinda sorta sounded… coherent for a change, even if one did disagree with his message.

So when you’ve worked on the producing end as I did in my former life, some things are painfully easy to spot when the post-edit is complete.

In this case, I counted 28 cuts in this 2 minute video. 28. In something this short, *maybe* you do 5-6 cuts max.

It’s actually quite astonishing… This two minute video does not have a portion that is longer than six seconds without a cut.

Why does anyone think that is?

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Michelle M.

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