The First Photo of Sam Bankman-Fried With Other Inmates In Prison Almost Makes You Feel Sorry For Him

A photo of a disheveled Bankman-Fried, who has yet to be formally sentenced for his crimes, was posted online by the crypto influencer Tiffany Fong.

Font confirmed she obtained the photo by connecting herself with one of Bankman-Fried’s fellow inmates by the name of G Lock.

According to G Lock, these photos were taken on December 17, 2023, because apparently inmates are only allowed to take photos on Christmas and Father’s Day,” Fong said in a video post on X.

She continued:

As you can see he’s hanging out with other inmates and he looks a little bit out of place. He’s obviously lost some weight, and I’ve heard that he’s not showering very much. He’s not as clean-shaven as he used to be. But he’s obviously going through a lot right now.

Photo below:

I feel a buddy comedy vibe going on here:

The disgraced former billionaire appears to have lost weight, with a disheveled and bearded appearance evident in the image. Though captured with a faint smile amid what seems like a gathering of friends, the way he clasps his hands together hints at resignation in his current situation.

The picture showcases Bankman-Fried looking disheveled and thinner, highlighting the challenging conditions of jail.

His typically unkempt hair adds to the overall disarray portrayed in the photo, yet any signs of remorse remain elusive. Nevertheless, these visual details do not alter the court’s verdict of guilt on seven counts, nor do they change the events at FTX.

Fong has opted to censor the faces of other inmates in the photo, except for Bankman-Fried and another inmate, known as “G Lock”. Explaining her decision, Fong mentions having previously interviewed G Lock, hence his face remains uncensored. Additionally, she notes that G Lock is a former member of the Blood gang.
Where Is SBF?

Bankman-Fried is currently housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, one of America’s most infamous correctional facilities. Conditions within the jail, where he has resided for six weeks following the revocation of his bail, starkly contrast with the luxurious settings of the former billionaire’s Caribbean retreats. His legal team has argued the facility suffers from slow internet, unsanitary living conditions, and meager cafeteria offerings.

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2 months ago

Nope. I don’t even almost pity him. He’s an evil scumbag.

2 months ago

You don’t gain any weight eating the green “mystery meat” in US jails, as KBR-Halliburton took over all that after 9/11, and farmed it out to India….

Mark Gilbaugh
Mark Gilbaugh
2 months ago

His but is in for a world of hurt.

2 months ago

Are those his Bubba’s ?