First Son Barron Pulled The Power Move Of The Day At The White House Turkey Pardon (VIDEO)

President Trump, First Son Barron, and First Lady Melania pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey today at the White House in Washington DC.

Barron Trump pulled a huge power move worthy of his status as First Son of the United States. Trump’s youngest son gave a measured, elegant response when it came time for the turkey pardon, clapping a mere four times. Twice for each turkey.

Why is this such a power move? Watch the video below!

Via The Dailly Caller:

Barron doesn’t know what these turkeys have done. They could be big, bad birds with awful temperaments.

What if one of them caused a car crash by wildly running into the road, as turkeys oft do?

Barron doesn’t get ahead of himself by showering these lucky turkeys with undue praise, but still respects the institution of the turkey pardon enough to withhold his own personal opinions and deliver four solid golf claps.

Barron is no chump — he knows his endorsement is extremely powerful.

So instead of pandering to the pro-turkey vegans like President Trump and Melania, Barron does just what’s expected of him.

Its so nice to have a traditional, country loving, Beautiful First Family in the White House again.

I’m glad to see Barron being able to act his age… gracious me!! His parents are doing a great job!! If Barron is all you have to complain about, then you are very blessed!!

He is a very well behaved poised young man. You libs are just jealous that President Trump has raised very successful and intelligent children. He is 11 years old. Just leave him alone.

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