These Looks Earned Melania And Ivanka Trump Top Places On ’50 Most Beautiful’ List! (Photos)

One thing is certain- we have a beautiful and classy First Lady and First Daughter! This is definitely an improvement over our previous administration. And they come with class too, something we didn’t have previously.

The Hill agrees. Melania and Ivanka Trump have been selected by The Hill for 2017’s “50 Most Beautiful” list, and it’s really not hard to see why.

The first lady and President Donald Trump’s daughter made the list after the outlet said they had received “hundreds upon hundreds of nominations.

The list from previous years was ranked in order of beauty, but this year list is organized in alphabetical order and not by ranking, and features both men and women of varying professions. Three other female White House staffers made the list: White House Domestic Policy Council Zina Bash; Mallory Hunter, executive assistant to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus; and White House communications associate Leah Levell.

The Hill compiles its annual list based on nominations from friends and coworkers of the nominees.

But I did not notice Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama on the list… Strange huh?!?

Beautiful, classy, graceful, stylish women to be proud of. They are more stunning each time they make an appearance. They’re both beautiful and stylish, they deserve this!

There couldn’t be a more elegant, graceful, fashionable, lovely First Lady and First Daughter in the White House.

Yes, we are so blessed to have an awesome First Family in the White House.

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