Donald Trump Jr. Slams New York Times Decision To Hire Racist Journalist Sarah Jeong

“White men are bullshit!” “Have you ever tried to figure out all the things that white people are allowed to do that aren’t cultural appropriation. there’s literally nothing. like skiing, maybe, and also golf. white people aren’t even allowed to have polio. did you know that? like don’t you just feel bad? why can’t we give white people a break. lacrosse isn’t for white people either. it must be so boring to be white.” Or this: “Basically I’m just imagining waking up white every morning with a terrible existential dread that i have no culture.” Or: “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along.”

Does this sound racist to you? These tweets from journalist Sarah Jeong reveal a vicious hatred of an entire group of people based only on their skin color. However, it looks like that The New York Times is okay to make fun of white people online. The New York Times issued a statement that they will hire Jeoung, despite her controversial remarks on Twitter.

So, on Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the New York Times’ decision to stand by the hire of journalist Sarah Jeong to their editorial board, despite her racist remarks on Twitter.

“The New York Times is hiring a person of like mind,” Trump Jr. said in an interview with Breitbart. “This is a person that probably thinks exactly like them.” Trump Jr. pointed to the double-standard demonstrated by the left by allowing Jeong to be racist because she was Asian and sharing hatred for white people and police officers.

“Imagine she said the same thing about Hispanics, imagine she said that same thing about black people, people would be losing their minds, it would be outrage … it’s no different than any other form of racism,” he said.

He also said that the left would continue to double down on their double standards that would not square with the American people.

“It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense to any rational person,” he said. “This is a narrative that the far left will push, and that’s ok and they’ll continue those attacks, and, again, I’m happy to let them keep doing that.”

Trump Jr. said he was proud that his father would continue fighting leftists in the media, academia, and Hollywood, unlike past Republican leaders who would “turn the other cheek.”

“That doesn’t work anymore, the difference is they don’t play by rules, there is no honor code on the other side, they do what it takes to win,” he said. “We don’t fight the same way and I think we have to.”

Trump Jr. accused leftists in the media of propping up democratic-socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“It doesn’t have to be fact-based, they find someone moderately attractive, they gave them a soapbox, the media builds them up to be the greatest thing since sliced bread,” he said, pointing out that they did the same thing with former President Barack Obama.

You don’t have to be conservative to find Jeong’s comments disturbing. She has a basic problem here and neither she nor the NYT seem to get it. It’s not that hard.

I’m so sick and tired of white people lying down and taking this racist language from these bigoted minorities. We are the only people in this nation who are vilified, denigrated, insulted and ridiculed on a daily basis by main stream media types who never suffer any blow back from their employers. If every single white person who subscribes to the NYT severed ties with them, THEN and only then would they take action against their racist employees. Other than that nothing will happen because white people are the whipping boy of the radical left, and they so enjoy their task of whipping us . The only thing they despise more than us is an unprofitable bottom line.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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