Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Clarifies: ‘Stand For the Anthem Or Play Somewhere Else’

The athletes who are protesting the National Anthem are totally DISRESPECTFUL AND UNPATRIOTIC to the country that has given them so much. They picked the wrong forum and manner on this issue. The national anthem and flag are honored at sporting events for veterans that served and gave their life for our country.

Dallas Cowboy Executive Vice President Stephen Jones obviously thinks the same. So, in a Thursday radio interview Jones said: ‘If they want to be a Dallas Cowboy stand for the anthem… or play elsewhere.’

Jones said: “We certainly are supportive of them when they have their personal issues or their personal things that they want to pursue. And we’ll help them pursue them on Tuesdays. But when you’re wearing the Dallas Cowboy uniform and a Dallas Cowboy helmet and you’re working for the Dallas Cowboys, you check the ‘I’ and the ‘me’ at the door, and you’re a part of a team.”

If you don’t stand for the National Athene, you don’t play. Sound RIGHT to me. Stephen Jones’s comments comes after his father Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ said on Wednesday: “As far as the Dallas Cowboys, you know where I stand, the team knows where I stand. Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line.”

FINALLY! An owner that will not stand for the protest nonsense. NFL is not a political platform. Too bad the other owners are afraid of their players! Wish more owners would be as clear on their policy as he is.

This is why on Friday, President Donald Trump praised Jerry Jones.

Trump tweeted: “Way to go Jerry. This is what the league should do!” along with a link to a Fox Business story that referred to Jones having said that Dallas Cowboys players must stand for the national anthem.

I wish there were people in the NFL that were even half or one quarter the men that Jerry and Stephen Jones are. However, this needed to be done the first time happened.. now it is too little too late.

The kneeling players certainly have not accomplished anything positive from their actions. All they did was creating animosity towards the NFL for hijacking the national anthem, advocating for criminals who make a living by taking advantage of law-abiding citizens. And one thing they have accomplished is that the NFL lost a lot of money!!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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