Chuck Norris Files $30 Million Lawsuit Against A Liberal Media Outlet!

There is a history of artists being short or underpaid in music, TV, and movies.

And it seems that Chuck Norris is one of them!

CBS and Sony Pictures Television are facing a $30 million breach-of-contract lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay agreed-upon profits from the hit 1990s series Walker, Texas Ranger to its star Chuck Norris.

According to the lawsuit, CBS failed to pay Norris’ production company, Top Kick Productions, 23 percent “of the profits earned from any, and all, exploitations of ‘Walker.'”

Top Kick alleges in the suit that “CBS was among the networks that were fully aware of Chuck Norris’ success, history, brand and image, which resulted in CBS agreeing to become the primary distributor of ‘Walker.'”

The lawsuit alleges CBS and Sony promoted the series through on-demand services instead of TV and DVD to avoid paying Norris his fair share. Top Kick says in the suit it is owed millions of dollars in “past and future license fees.”

Chuck (born Carlos) executive produced, penned six episodes, and starred as Cordell Walker in the cowboy-tinged cop procedural which spanned eight seasons (1993-2001) in 100 countries and later spawned a 2005 TV movie Trial by Fire.

His left leg is already named “Law” and his right leg is named “Order” and I am sure he will win the battle!

Alex D.

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