Chicago Passes 600 Homicides for 2nd Time Since 2003 As The ‘Gun-Free-Zone’-City Continues Death Spiral

Trump had criticized the city’s gun violence problem and Mayor Emanuel’s handling of it while on the campaign trail.

“You don’t often see the National Guard getting federalized and getting deployed, and there’s all sorts of reasons for it, not the least of which is that they can step on the toes of locals and there has be to be very good coordination.

President Trump was right again!

Chicago first surpassed 600 homicides in 2016, when it witnessed nearly 800 dead and approximately 4,400 shooting victims.

American Military News reports that the were 609 homicides in Chicago “as of Monday,” November 20. That represents a slight improvement over this same time last year, when city sat at 711 homicides, yet it is far deadlier than the 443 homicides the city had witnessed by this same time in 2015.

This weekend saw 13 people shot in the city, including a 14-year-old boy who was seriously injured.

The boy was walking on Sunday morning in the 2500 block of North Lotus Avenue in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side when someone shot at him from a vehicle, hitting him in the chest.

He was one of four teens shot over the weekend.
On November 7 Breitbart News reported:

Chicago has been a testing ground for gun control for decades. The city put a ban on handgun ownership in place in 1982 and the Tribune reported that the next 10 years witnessed a “41 percent” jump in murders, “compared with an 18 percent rise in the entire United States.” And why shouldn’t such a ban lead to an increase in murder? After all, when bans are enacted, only the criminals remain armed.

The ban was overturned in 2010 via the Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v Chicago, but city leaders have worked diligently to preserve the vestiges of the ban at every turn in the road. Municipal and county limits on the number of gun stores allowed in Chicago, together with rules on the locations of those stores and a ridiculous amount of regulation on acquiring and carrying guns for self-defense, have coalesced to guarantee that criminals maintain an advantage similar to what they enjoyed when the ban was in place.

Once again it was confirmed that strict gun laws are not working!

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